Woodridge in Logan City is one of the most affordable suburbs in the country, with a median house price of $170,000, it’s no wonder there are bargain Woodridge houses for sale here. With the median house price on the rise, it’s getting harder and harder for buyers to find a decent property in a good location without a considerable asking price. But that’s precisely what you’ll find in Woodridge.

Nowadays, finding a great suburb to live in is no easy task. Will Woodridge be the perfect fit for your future home or investment property? Read on as we explore all the benefits of living in Woodridge. We’ll also give you a few tips on where to go next if there’s something that catches your eye!

Why Choose Woodridge?

There are several reasons why Woodridge is one of the most popular suburbs in Logan City. It’s not just because it offers affordable property prices either! Woodridge homes have character, ample land space, and access to great amenities, including parks and playgrounds that make them ideal for families to live.

But perhaps the best thing about Woodridge is its location. The suburb is in a prime spot, with easy access to both the motorway and local transport links from the Woodridge train station and the Trinder Park railway station. You can quickly get to Brisbane and the Gold Coast and Logan City business district on the trains, and we can’t forget, IKEA is down the road! This accessibility makes it ideal to be close to the action and enjoy the benefits of living in a quieter suburb.

IKEA Logan near Woodridge

If it’s quiet that you want, Woodridge is perfect. It’s got lots of lovely green spaces, and it’s a very family-friendly spot. Although it has a young average population, there’s plenty on offer for families.

The Logan City Centre Shopping Centre has a great range of shops and food outlets, so you’ve got everything you need right on your doorstep. You’ll also find plenty of coffee shops, bars, and restaurants in and around Woodridge.

At the moment, you can find plenty of Woodridge homes for sale at reasonable prices. However, it may not stay that way once everybody realises its great location!

What To Do Once You’ve Found Bargain Woodridge Homes For Sale

Don’t let anyone else snap up your bargain! Woodridge houses for sale don’t stay available for long. If you’ve found a bargain and you are not sure how to proceed, here are the steps you need to take to move on to the opportunity quickly.

1. Get in touch with a local real estate agent

They will help you find out more information about the property and give you advice on what to do next. Finding an excellent local real estate agent is vital if you want to set up viewings and put offers in quickly.

2. Check out the Logan City Council’s Property Search tool.

This will show you all of the important details about the property, such as zoning restrictions, building permits, and council levies. The tool will help you do more research into the property and identify any issues before moving forward.

3. Book a viewing of the property

This is an important step, as you’ll want to see the property in person before making any decisions. Always book multiple viewings so you can be sure about the property and ask lots of questions. It’s a good idea to view the property at night, so you can find out if there are problems with noisy neighbours. Viewing the property at peak hours will help you monitor the traffic too.

4. Explore your mortgage options

Talk to a bank or lender about getting pre-approved for a loan so that you’re ready to buy when the right property comes along.

Brick Retro House near Woodridge

5. Book a building and pest inspection

You can view the property as many times as you want, but do you know what’s happening within the walls, structure, and foundation? There are plenty of older houses in Woodridge that need a closer look, and plenty of older homes have been renovated. A renovated house might look lovely, but have corners been cut?

Before you take the next step of making an offer, get a pre-purchase building inspection to confirm your position. It might be that the building inspection report outlines issues with the property that may quash any desire to purchase the property. It could also be that the building inspection reveals problems that can be repaired but would require that you negotiate the purchase price. This includes pool safety inspections. In the end, a building and pest inspection is a necessary step to making an informed decision.

Not sure what to ask the building inspector? Here are 10 critical questions that’ll help you have the best experience.

6. Make an offer on the property!

Don’t forget to use your building and pest inspection report to negotiate on these ‘cheap as chips’ Woodridge houses for sale.

If everything goes well, then congratulations – you’ve just bought yourself a new home in Woodridge!

There’s a reason Woodridge is one of the most desirable places to buy. There’s a fantastic estimated rental return in a location that is pitched to see substantial growth over the coming years. However, suppose you’re looking to be an owner-occupier in Woodridge. In that case, you’ll be able to enjoy the suburb and a manageable mortgage.