With the ever-changing construction and building codes landscape, it’s more important than ever to consider new home building inspections. Whether you’ve renovated or are building a new home, a new home inspection will ensure you get what you paid for before you sign off.

A New Home Inspection is Unbiased Feedback On Your New Build

An independent opinion is a must when you want to confirm the standard of your new build or renovation. New home inspections provide the professional and impartial feedback you need to ensure the level of quality will not compromise the lifespan of the home and your peace of mind.

Our new build inspections are construction stage inspections; they ensure everything is up to scratch and structurally sound at crucial stages of the build or renovation. House construction inspections allow us to ensure all defects are rectified by covering every detail. A comprehensive evaluation can also be carried out at handover.

New Build Inspection Stages

New build inspections can occur at one, several or all of the following stages:

  • Lock-up or enclosed stage inspection
  • Practical completion inspection

We can conduct a lock-up and/or practical completion inspection in Ipswich, Logan, Brisbane and Gold Coast. As an experienced and licensed construction building inspector, we’d love to make sure your new build or renovation journey is a happy one.

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