Pests are prevalent, and it is hard not to have them in our homes and workplaces. Pest infestations can cause allergies, sickness, structural damage, and other problems. This means we must work hard to eliminate pests as quickly as possible. Whether you are in the market for a new home or not, it is essential to have it checked for pests to know precisely what you are getting into if you decide to buy a home. Termites can cause significant damage and cost thousands of dollars in repairs

Hiring A Home Inspector

Termites are very destructive insects that can cause extensive damage to your home. They are known as “silent destroyers” because they eat away at wood without making any noise or leaving signs of their presence. The only way to see if you have termites is to have an inspection done by a professional pest inspector from Admired Building and Pest Inspections.

Termite infestations may be present in the home before you even move in. A home inspection Logan will reveal any existing infestations so that they can be treated before any further damage can be done to your home.

You will know the extent of damage

Building and pest inspection Logan will allow you to see what kinds of pests are living in your house and if they have yet made it into the walls or attic. This way, you know how bad the infestation is before it gets worse and turns into something bigger than it already is. It also allows you to take preventative measures before they get out of hand and gives you peace of mind knowing that everything is okay within your new house or apartment.

Professionals know where to look 

The main reason you need to use a pest inspection company such as Admired Building is that they will have the knowledge and tools at their disposal to find all the hidden nasties in your future home or apartment. Pest inspectors will check your:


A common place for pests to nest is the attic which can be inspected by crawling into it on hands and knees. The inspector will look for signs of infestation such as droppings or damaged wood or insulation.


Pests can easily enter the basement through cracks in the foundation or holes in the walls. The inspector will check these areas carefully during the inspection.

Outside structures such as sheds and garages

When inspecting your home, the outside structures are often ignored, but they can be just as vulnerable to pests as any other home part. Logan building inspections should also include an examination of your shed and garage for signs of termite damage.

If you’re considering purchasing a home, it’s probably in your best interest to get a professional pest inspection performed before finalising the sale. However, even if you’ve already purchased a home and aren’t sure if pests are a problem, it’s still recommended that you have a professional inspect your house and give you a detailed report of where any potential problems may exist. If you fail to address these issues immediately, they tend to manifest and become even worse, so contact Admired Building as soon as possible.