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Bought a new building in Ipswich, or thinking of buying one? Make sure you get the building inspection done in time. At Admired Building and Pest Inspections, we have certified building inspectors who will get into every nook and cranny of the building you want to get inspected. All you gotta do is simply book your inspections and sit back and relax. Our tea will take care of the whole process without you having to worry about the details. At Admired Building and Pest Inspections, we provide our customers with a detailed report and analyses of the building inspected along with suggested steps to solve the pertaining issues. Building inspections at Admired Building and Pest Inspection in Ipswich are the key to living a worry-free life in your new building!

Building and pest inspection in Ipswich is critical when you’re deciding on moving to a new place! Why? As one of the leaders in Building & Pest Inspections, we’ll discuss the why, what, and how of everything related to building and pest inspection in Ipswich with you.

Building and Pest Inspection Ipswich

Why is a Building and Pest Inspection Necessary in Ipswich?

Imagine you move into a new house. It’s all nice and well only until you start noticing problems with the new building. It could be anything ranging from termites and pests to leakages in the bathroom. At that exact point in time, your heart would ache to realize the amount of money you invested only to have gotten this “problematic” building as your new home.

Common Issues Found during Building and Pest Inspection Ipswich

Let’s have a look at some of the common issues found in Ipswich Properties so that you’ll have an idea of what you are dealing with potentially.

1. Poor Foundation

This you might already know, that for a building to stand strong, the foundation must be stronger. Since a lot of properties in Ipswich are ancient and historic, the foundations of the buildings are not as strong. Inspectors often find cracks in the building which can be due to factors like soil composition or water drainage problems.

2. Roofing Problems

Inspectors have also had experiences with roofing problems in the buildings of Ipswich such as roof leaks, damaged tiles, or poor roof ventilation.

3. Termite Infestations

Ipswich, like many parts of Australia, is susceptible to termite activity. Inspectors often find evidence of termite damage or active infestations.

4. Mold and Moisture Damage

The climate in Ipswich contributes to mold growth and moisture-related problems. Inspections may reveal issues like dampness, which can lead to mold.

Step-by-Step Building and Pest Inspection Process:

At Admired Building Inspection, we specialise in thorough building and pest inspections in Brisbane and Ipswich, utilising state-of-the-art technology and methods to ensure the highest standards of safety and quality for your property.

Our process is designed to be comprehensive, transparent, and informative, providing you with peace of mind and detailed insights into the condition of your building.

5 step process for Building and Pest Inspection in Ipswich:

1. Initial Booking:

Bookings can be made over the phone or online using the book online tab on our website. Simply select a preferred time, choose your inspection type and enter the property details. If you haven’t organised a time with the seller or the agent dont stress we can make all the necessary arrangements on your behalf, just select the “I have not confirmed my inspection” tab.

2. On-Site Inspection:

After the initial booking, Lachlan, A certified Building inspector conducts a thorough on-site inspection of the property. This includes a visual assessment of accessible areas, including all the Driveways, Paths, Fences and Gates, Retaining Walls, Drainage, Shed, Pool Fences and Trees. We then look over the outside of the Building including all structural elements and foundations, Roofing and Guttering and Downpipes. Any Water Tanks or External Plumbing and of course the Hot Water System.

Moving onto the External windows and doors, walls, damp proofing, eves and Alfrescos. We also look over the garages and carports, any stairs, decks, balconies or pergolas. We then head inside taking a detailed look in each and every room at the doors, ceilings, walls windows and flooring for damage and defects. While we are conducting the visual inspection we also turn on all electrical appliances and fittings to check they are working correctly and turn on every tap to ensure it is working and draining correctly. To finish off we inspect all accessible roof spaces and subfloors where applicable.

3. Advanced Technology Utilisation:

At Admired Building Inspection, Other than 19+ years of construction expertise, Lachlan has advanced technologies such as infrared thermography, moisture metres and 4K Drones. Infrared thermography helps in detecting hidden issues like termite infestations, water leaks, insulation gaps, and electrical hot spots.Moisture metres are used to identify dampness in walls and floors, which is crucial for Preventing rot, mould and pest infestations.

4. Pest Detection Techniques:

For pest inspections, we use the latest technology that helps us with Termite detection. Tools we use can detect and locate termite activity without harming the property and keeping the area safe for others.

5. Detailed Reporting (Report within 24 hours) :

After the building inspection, Lachlan creates a detailed report of the findings within 24 hours, usually the same day! The report includes high-resolution images, descriptions of any issues or potential risks, and recommendations for repairs or preventative measures.

Credentials and Experience of Lachlan

Lachlan is a dedicated inspector with 17+ years of experience. Lachlan possesses all the essential qualifications and credentials that are required. Lachlan has QBCC

licence as both a builder and pest controller. This wide-ranging knowledge is made even stronger with insurance that keeps you safe and makes sure everything is dependable.

Additionally, Lachlan’s inspector is a proud member of Master Builders QLD, underscoring their commitment to excellence within the industry. Clients can expect detailed and comprehensive inspection reports accompanied by the highest quality of photos, all delivered within 24 hours of the inspection. This commitment to professionalism and efficiency is a hallmark of Admired Building Inspection.

Our Services in Ipswich also includes:

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Augustine Heights

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Ipswich Property Market

It seems that when people can’t justify Brisbane prices, they turn to Ipswich. When Ipswich has so much to offer, various property types and is conveniently accessible to Brisbane, why not?

In 2019/2020, the annual growth rate for Ipswich was 3.4%, versus 1.6% for Queensland. For the 2019/2020 period, Queensland Treasury reported that Ipswich was the fastest-growing local government area (LGA). The estimate is that by 2026, the local economy of Ipswich will be worth $12.7 billion. It’s a great time to invest.

Ipswich has been in a period of sustained change and growth for the past few years now. Residential, industrial, and commercial developments have led to numerous employment opportunities.

Building inspector Ipswich
Queens Park Ipswich CBD

The $150 million rejuvenation of the Ipswich CBD looks to breathe new life into the Ipswich CBD, and the $1.5 billion expansion to Amberley RAAF base will contribute to an area rich with economic activity and development potential – all without compromising on family-friendliness or affordability!

You’ll never have trouble finding a park in Ipswich because there are more than 500 of them available across the region, supporting the recreational culture of the city. High-quality educational colleges and medical facilities result in living conditions that rank among Queensland’s best!

It’s pretty easy to see why Ipswich has experienced such strong growth and why more growth is expected. Lifestyle, work and play coupled with a strong economy and ongoing development; we love this place.

Ipswich bushland - termite inspection ipswich

Common Property Defects We Find During Building and Pest Inspection Ipswich

As we’ve mentioned, one of the best things about the Ipswich region is the options. You won’t feel pigeonholed into one type of property here. But although having a wide choice of properties is a plus, it means there can be an even wider range of problems, particularly ones specific to the type of property. For example, old Queenslanders in Ipswich experience unique issues such as old electrical wiring, rotten stumps, or rotten chamfer boards.

Homes on bushland lots in the suburbs like Camira and Bellbird Park are at risk of increased termite problems thanks to the number of timber houses surrounded by trees. Add some moisture, and you’ve got the perfect termite environment.

Structural Damage Found During Building and Pest Inspection

Many newer homes in Ipswich, including extensions and renovations, are covered under the building codes of Australia or NCC regulations. A qualified tradesperson must install termite protection to lower the risk of termites gaining entry. However, a regular termite inspection program such as an Annual Termite Inspection needs to be in place for these barriers to be effective.

It is not uncommon for us to see the following defects during a building inspection in Ipswich:

  • Leaks
  • Plumbing problems
  • Cracked roof tiles
  • Foundation and Structural Damage
  • Drainage problems
  • Waterproofing issues
  • Cracks in walls
  • Wood rot

Please don’t risk it. Contact us about Ipswich building and pest inspections.

Ipswich pest inspections
storm season in springfield lakes

Ipswich Weather and Defects

Unfortunately, Ipswich does not escape severe weather. In 2011, some areas of Ipswich were affected by floods. The Ipswich Flood Maps are an excellent resource to check if the property you’re looking at has been flooded or is at risk. We are experienced at conducting building and pest inspections in Goodna, one of Ipswich’s suburbs heavily affected by floods.

In 2020, Springfield Lakes and surrounding areas were affected by a massive hail storm that caused approximately $1.08 billion in damages. Although Ipswich has recovered from these events, underlying problems can linger for various reasons. Engaging an Ipswich building inspector is essential. Remember – the property may look good outside, but poor workmanship and hasty DIY could be covering some serious issues. We are specialists in building and pest inspections Springfield Lakes.

Building and Pest Inspector Ipswich

We have been conducting building and pest inspections in Ipswich for as long as we’ve been running; it’s a cracking region with potential and a sense of slower living. Our local knowledge of building and pest inspections in Ipswich is of your benefit, helping you purchase with certainty and enthusiasm. A licensed pool certifier in Brisbane and Ipswich, we are all about kids’ safety too. We are covered with public liability and professional indemnity insurance for peace of mind. We provide your final report within 24 hours of the inspection because we know you cannot wait to take the next step. Is building inspection new to you and you’re not sure what to ask? Read our blog post ‘10 Critical Questions To Ask Your Building Inspector.

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FAQs for Building and Pest Inspector Ipswich

1. Are you licensed?

One of the first key questions to ask building inspectors is if they are licensed. It can be easy to overlook this question and assume that every inspection company is licensed, but unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

2. What does subject to building inspection mean?

Have you found yourself frantically searching “What does subject to building inspection mean?” worrying you won’t qualify for your loan or secure a contract? Subject to building inspection basically means that a contingency has been placed on your loan or contract agreement and that the bank will not approve the money until after the inspection results are reviewed.

3. What insurance do you have?

Your building inspector should have professional indemnity insurance. This insurance will cover any errors or omissions involved in a building inspection because mistakes happen. Professional Indemnity insurance covers the building inspector for the advice, consultation, and reports should a claim be brought against them.

4. Do I need a pest inspection?

One of the most important questions to ask a building Inspector is about pest inspection. Sometimes your building inspector may recommend that you get a pest inspection done. A pest inspection ensures that there are no rodents or termites in the house. It also ensures that you will not have an expensive repair job on your hands later down the line.

5. What areas are covered in the report?

The areas covered vary depending on the type of report you get. However, a general building inspection should cover every accessible area of the property. Your building inspector will not knock any holes in the walls, nor will they move furniture. The inspection includes checking under, over, inside, and outside of the property. It includes a general check of electricals and plumbing, along with structural checks. That being said, it is worth it, purely because rectifying issues like this at a later date could be costly.