Buying, Building or Renovating in Ipswich?

You’re in luck if you’re planning to buy, build or renovate a property in Queensland’s growth city, Ipswich. We’ve been carrying out building and pest inspections in Ipswich for quite some time, and it’s been great to see the city developing its own style and identity as it grows and evolves. With so many property options available, you’ll be sure to find the perfect home for your lifestyle in Queensland’s oldest provincial city.

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Ipswich: An Overview

Just 40 minutes to Brisbane and 60 minutes to the Gold Coast, Ipswich is a well-positioned region in South-East Queensland with good access to highways connecting Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

Impressively, Ipswich preserves many historical buildings and homes; the city has more than 6000 listed sites. Ipswich historical suburbs are home to character, charm and history. However, buyer beware. Old colonial homes can harbour more problems than you may have bargained for.

On the other end of the spectrum, Ipswich is becoming more and more of an urban city with the continuous development around Springfield Lakes and Ripley. Regular building and pest inspection in Redbank Plains has brought our attention to the steady growth around this area too. Developments in Bellbird Park, Collingwood Park, Augustine Heights and Brookwater are also options for modern, family living that’s close to amenities.

Ipswich building inspections branch out west where you’ll find gorgeous rural towns like Rosewood and Marburg that provide a sense of being far away, with wide-open spaces and a farm or two. There is something for everyone in Ipswich, and it’s no wonder people are flocking to this popular city!

But be prepared for a temperature difference when you live in Ipswich. Ipswich tends to be hotter in summer and colder in winter than Brisbane, Gold Coast and Logan. Ipswich has a sub-tropical climate and is known for its severe storms during Summer and heavy downfalls, particularly those leading to the 2011 floods.

Ipswich Suburbs



Augustine Heights

Barellan Point

Basin Pocket

Bellbird Park









Carole Park


Chuwar (part)


Collingwood Park

Deebing Heights


East Ipswich

Eastern Heights

Ebbw Vale


Flinders View





Haigslea (part)








Lower Mount Walker (part)

Marburg (part)

Moores Pocket

Mount Forbes (part)

Mount Marrow

Mount Mort

Mount Walker West (part)


Mutdapilly (part)

New Chum


North Booval

North Ipswich

North Tivoli

One Mile

Peak Crossing (part)

Pine Mountain




Redbank Plains




Sadliers Crossing


South Ripley

Spring Mountain


Springfield Central

Springfield Lakes




The Bluff



West Ipswich

White Rock






Ipswich Property Market

It seems that when people can’t justify Brisbane prices, they turn to Ipswich. When Ipswich has so much to offer, various property types and is conveniently accessible to Brisbane, why not?

In 2019/2020, the annual growth rate for Ipswich was 3.4%, versus 1.6% for Queensland. For the 2019/2020 period, Queensland Treasury reported that Ipswich was the fastest-growing local government area (LGA). The estimate is that by 2026, the local economy of Ipswich will be worth $12.7 billion. It’s a great time to invest.

Ipswich has been in a period of sustained change and growth for the past few years now. Residential, industrial, and commercial developments have led to numerous employment opportunities.

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Queens Park Ipswich CBD

The $150 million rejuvenation of the Ipswich CBD looks to breathe new life into the Ipswich CBD, and the $1.5 billion expansion to Amberley RAAF base will contribute to an area rich with economic activity and development potential – all without compromising on family-friendliness or affordability!

You’ll never have trouble finding a park in Ipswich because there are more than 500 of them available across the region, supporting the recreational culture of the city. High-quality educational colleges and medical facilities result in living conditions that rank among Queensland’s best!

It’s pretty easy to see why Ipswich has experienced such strong growth and why more growth is expected. Lifestyle, work and play coupled with a strong economy and ongoing development; we love this place.

The Best Suburbs In Ipswich

There are many suburbs in Ipswich. Selecting the best suburbs to buy in Ipswich often depends on personal preference. But if you’re looking for definite front runners, start with Greater Springfield. Greater Springfield was awarded World Best Master Planned Community in 2010 and is loved by many as the best part of Ipswich to live. This award speaks volumes about how awesome this place is and affordable for families looking for safer neighbourhoods, good schools and convenient access to employment.

Within Greater Springfield, Springfield Lakes is one of the most popular Ipswich suburbs thanks to the planned community, accessibility and green spaces. The median house price in Springfield Lakes at the time of publication is $515,000, with a market in high demand.

For something a little more homely, Camira is a good option. Camira has an old-world charm with older homes (1970/80 built), a bushy aspect and large back yards. You can experience this laid back lifestyle and still have access to major highways, shopping centres and other facilities. Camira’s median house price is $521,500 with a very high demand market, higher than the Queensland average.

If you’re keen on a country escape, you can do that in Ipswich. You’ll find rural Ipswich suburbs out west that include, but are not limited to, Calvert, Rosewood, Marburg, Muirlea or Willowbank.

As impressive as Ipswich is, don’t let this deter you from doing your due diligence. For building and pest Ipswich, give us a call or BOOK ONLINE.

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Ipswich Building and Pest: Common Property Defects

As we’ve mentioned, one of the best things about the Ipswich region is the options. You won’t feel pigeonholed into one type of property here. But although having a wide choice of properties is a plus, it means there can be an even wider range of problems, particularly ones specific to the type of property. For example, old Queenslanders in Ipswich experience unique issues such as old electrical wiring, rotten stumps, or rotten chamfer boards.

Homes on bushland lots in the suburbs like Camira and Bellbird Park are at risk of increased termite problems thanks to the number of timber houses surrounded by trees. Add some moisture, and you’ve got the perfect termite environment.

Common Property Defects

Many newer homes in Ipswich, including extensions and renovations, are covered under the building codes of Australia or NCC regulations. A qualified tradesperson must install termite protection to lower the risk of termites gaining entry. However, a regular termite inspection program such as an Annual Termite Inspection needs to be in place for these barriers to be effective.

It is not uncommon for us to see the following defects during a building inspection in Ipswich:

  • Leaks
  • Plumbing problems
  • Cracked roof tiles
  • Foundation and Structural Damage
  • Drainage problems
  • Waterproofing issues
  • Cracks in walls
  • Wood rot

Please don’t risk it. Contact us about Ipswich building and pest inspections.

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Ipswich Weather and Defects

Unfortunately, Ipswich does not escape severe weather. In 2011, some areas of Ipswich were affected by floods. The Ipswich Flood Maps are an excellent resource to check if the property you’re looking at has been flooded or is at risk. We are experienced at conducting building and pest inspections in Goodna, one of Ipswich’s suburbs heavily affected by floods.

In 2020, Springfield Lakes and surrounding areas were affected by a massive hail storm that caused approximately $1.08 billion in damages. Although Ipswich has recovered from these events, underlying problems can linger for various reasons. Engaging an Ipswich building inspector is essential. Remember – the property may look good outside, but poor workmanship and hasty DIY could be covering some serious issues. We are specialists in building and pest inspections Springfield Lakes.

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We have been conducting building and pest inspections in Ipswich for as long as we’ve been running; it’s a cracking region with potential and a sense of slower living. Our local knowledge of building and pest inspections in Ipswich is of your benefit, helping you purchase with certainty and enthusiasm. A licensed pool certifier in Brisbane and Ipswich, we are all about kids’ safety too. We are covered with public liability and professional indemnity insurance for peace of mind. We provide your final report within 24 hours of the inspection because we know you cannot wait to take the next step. Is building inspection new to you and you’re not sure what to ask? Read our blog post ‘10 Critical Questions To Ask Your Building Inspector.